Budget-Conscious Help

The initial assessment of £40 will be an opportunity for us to clarify the issues that have led you to consider psychotherapy, and your expectations as to its outcome. It may also be a chance for you to ask questions about me, my background, clinical work and qualifications as well as make your mind as to whether you feel confident that we can work together.

By the end of this session I aim to discuss therapy options with you, including other services if for any reason therapy seems impracticable with me. If we agree to continue, we will discuss availability and fees as based on a sliding-scale ranging from £40.00 for individuals who meet certain financial criteria to £65.00.

Please note that once a session is booked it is automatically subjected to a 48h cancellation policy. Cancellations occurring less than 48h before the actual time of the appointment will have to be paid in full. If the first session is cancelled outside the 48h cancellation policy then the following appointment, even though still a first meeting, will have to be paid as agreed during this session.


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